Related Projects

This project builds on a number of previous studies undertaken by researchers interested in health inequalities in the UK.

The following three projects which the project lead, Kat Smith, was involved with have all directly informed this project:

  1. Interviews with researchers and policymakers exploring how these two groups think about health inequalities research and policy in the UK. For an example of some of the findings from this project, please see here and here.
  2. A survey of researchers whose work examines health inequalities in the UK to explore their views on policy responses to health inequalities. For a summary of the main findings from this project, please see here.
  3. Interviews and placements with health advocacy organisations based on the UK, exploring how they think about, and try to influence, health inequalities policies in the UK. For an example of some of the findings from this project, please see here.

In addition, Kat and Rosie have now tried to systematically identify all previous studies exploring public understandings of health inequalities in the UK – work undertaken by a range of other researchers – and they have written a summary of the findings of these earlier studies which has been submitted for open access publication and will be added here as soon as it is published.

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