Research Team & Contacts

Research Lead: Dr Katherine (Kat) Smith

Reader – Global Public Health Unit
Social Policy, School of Social & Political Science
University of Edinburgh
Chrystal Macmillan Building (room 2.27)
15a George Square
Edinburgh EH8 9LD
Tel: +44(0)131 651 1323
Web page:

Kat has been researching how policies impact on health inequalities in the UK and trying to understand who is influencing those policies for over 10 years. Before working as an academic, Kat worked as a project manager for NHS Education for Scotland, where she tried to balance patient demands, with NHS staff preferences/skills and UK and Scottish Government policy aims. She is passionate about improving people’s health experiences.

Project Researcher: Rosie Anderson

Rosie Anderson

Rosie is a Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh and a member of What Works Scotland. In her PhD research, Rosie looked at the way the concept of emotional labour can help practitioners think about the process of making policy. Her research grew out of her own professional background as a policy manager for a UK-wide third sector membership organisation and, before that, as a broadcast journalist in London, Glasgow and Cardiff. You can contact Rosie at For more information, please see: anderson/


Project consultant: Oliver Escobar

Oliver Escobar photo

Oliver is interested in the study and practice of public participation in democracy. He is a Lecturer in Public Policy at the University of Edinburgh, and Co-Director of What Works Scotland. Oliver has worked as a mediator in a range of community and policy contexts, nationally and internationally. He can be contacted by email at For more information, please see:


In addition, the citizens juries involved: Rebecca (Becky) Hewer, Sarah Hill, Alex Wright and Gillian Fergie. We commissioned Opinium to undertake the national survey. And  the quantitative data analysis is being supported by Sarah Weakley.

The project is also supported by three Advisory Group members: Professor Mike Kelly (Cambridge University), Professor Jennie Popay (Lancaster University) and Dr David Walsh (Glasgow Centre for Population Health).

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