The intention is for the event to inform research, policy and public debates about health inequalities in the UK, with the aim of ensuring future research makes the best possible contribution to policy and public debates. It will also lead to the following outputs:

Academic outputs:

  1. A journal article and related blog piece exploring how the results of the national survey and citizens’ juries together suggest people in the UK think about health inequalities and potential policy responses.
  2. A journal article and related blog piece comparing the results of the UK national survey with a similar survey conducted in the USA to explore similarities and differences in public views of health inequalities in these two countries.
  3. A journal article and related blog piece focusing on any insights that the findings provide regarding how best to engage members of the public in discussions about health inequalities in ways that enable them to meaningfully contribute to research, policy and advocacy debates?

General outputs:
– A short briefing for citizens’ jury participants, summarising the key results of the project;
– A short summary of the research intended for policy and advocacy organisations interested in tackling health inequalities.